1. margoneverger said: i know you use the canon but do you ever use a polaroid camera and if so which is your fav to use? thnx.

    i dont


  2. Anonymous said: sal is such a qt but i feel like i'd hit it off better w/ ben he seems sweet. :)



  3. Anonymous said: i absolutely love your photos!

    thank you!!


  4. i need to order new film i am SLACKIN’


  5. Anonymous said: Man you have some beautiful photos Does your camera just shoot them like that or do you edit them and use filters and Things? Anyway love your blog xx

    i don’t edit anything! thank you :)


  6. lovevem said: Hei i'm a italian girl and i think that Your Blog is so original And is amazing ♥♥

    thank u <3

  7. twin peaks @ brooklyn flea, new york, september 2014

  8. me dani and sal, new york, september 2014

  9. seen in brooklyn #2, new york, september 2014

  10. bitch house 666, new york, september 2014