1. hey guys! i set up a lil store on society6 with some prints and iphone cases and laptop skins and cards and other cool things!! i’ll be adding lots more in the future so keep your eyes peeled ;-) 


  2. bleach--house said: hey! do you use like actual disposable cameras or do you have a 35mm film camera? just wondering!

    all the pictures on here so far were taken with disposable cameras, but i’m currently filling up my first roll on a 35mm film camera!


  3. visulite said: absolutley in love with your photography, you're the next petra collins :+)

    aw thank you!!


  4. foreverr-cats said: Agh I love your picture's!! Do you edited them??

    thank you! i don’t

  5. girls, santa ana, march 2014

  6. b bar, new york, december 2013

  7. goodtimegirlsla:

    New York City by Kim

    shoutout to the good time girls for the photo feature! and i’m so happy to be a member :-)

  8. disco, new york, october 2013

  9. nicole in my old room, new york, march 2014

  10. bass drum of death, new york, october 2013